Stroller Strong Moms fitness class for mom and baby


               AND KIDS HAVE FUN!


Welcome to Stroller Strong Moms of Columbus and Savannah, GA and Lexington, KY!

Stroller Strong Moms is a creative and fun total body workout for prenatal and postpartum moms with stroller age children. This unique and challenging workout is constantly on the move! It uses the entire park during class. Each fitness class will provide new and different walking/running routes and exercises in order to maximize fitness results and prevent boredom.

All exercises are introduced with multiple levels of difficulty so that moms of all fitness levels are able to workout together. Each class is designed so that your child has fun too!

This butt-kicking program will help you to get strong, lean, energized and look awesome!

The fitness class includes:

  1. walking/running with and without the stroller

  2. body toning

  3. core strengthening of the abs and back

  4. various strength and conditioning exercises using equipment and the environment

  5. functional training

  6. balance exercises

  7. fun entertainment for your child while you workout


SSM expands to Lexington, Kentucky starting on August 18th!!!!

Columbus announces a new location this month at Uptown Riverwalk starting August 7th!!!

This program was created by a mommy for mommies! Why is it great?

  1. Moms don't need to worry about leaving their children in someone else's hands

  2. Children learn from mom that keeping fit and being healthy is an important part of life

  3. Moms are able to motivate each other as they workout with other moms with similar fitness goals

  4. It’s a fun and supportive environment

  5. Moms can share experiences of raising children and make friends with other like-minded moms

  6. Children are entertained with music, activities and fun while moms workout



Come get inspired to tone your body and get in the best shape of your life!

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Stroller Strong Moms Announces a NEW LOCATION in Lexington, KY!!

Grand Opening on August 18th at 9:30AM at Kirklevington Park with our very own Brooke Whitis!!!! Click here for SSM Lexington’s Facebook Page.