Affectionately known as S.L.A.M.

To provide moms a


total body workout.

To bring women together,

not only as moms, but as athletes

who show their children that your body

is the greatest instrument you will ever own.


Classes take place outdoors, using entire park spaces (weather permitting).



Every class is different from the next to prevent boredom and maximize full body fitness.



Exercises are introduced at multiple difficulty levels so moms of all fitness levels can workout together.


All in the company of your stroller and child, classes are designed so everyone has fun!

Class Breakdown

Each class is 60 minutes long and includes: 5 minute warm-up, running or walking route with fitness stations throughout the park, and 10-15 minute core strengthening and stretching close.

Jam-packed with variety and butt-kicking, nonstop action, this program will get you strong, lean, energized, and S.L.A.M.-in’.

  • Running (or walking) with and without the stroller 30%
  • Balance exercises 45%
  • Core strengthening 60%
  • Metabolic Conditioning 80%
  • Variety 100%
  • Weights, bands, mats, & the environment 100%
  • Fun entertainment & inspiration for your child 100%


Body Strengthening


Metabolic Conditioning







Our Story

Alexa Smith created Stroller Strong Moms (SSM) in Columbus, GA in 2011. She had just moved to Columbus for the third time for her husband’s military career, but this time with children in tow. She wanted to stay active and use her passion as a fitness coach, and she knew she could do this with her children. Using her experience as a soccer coach and strength and conditioning coach, Alexa devised plans for a stroller fitness class tailored specifically for moms. When SSM opened in September of 2011, news spread quickly and the program was immediately popular. Moms experienced how motivating it was to workout with other moms who were striving to reach their fitness goals, and they loved being outside with their kids, showing the next generation how important—and FUN—it is to be strong and healthy. Stroller Strong Moms brings women together, not only as moms, but as athletes. It stirs greatness in a mom, woman, a person that she likely didn’t know was there.

SLAM has now spread to multiple cities throughout the US with passionate and empowering owners who have experienced how a community of strong moms can be life changing! For more info on bringing SLAM to your area, contact us here.


Monthly Events

For Extra Credit


5K+ Races

Mom's Night Out


Stroller Strong Moms is more than a butt-kicking workout: It’s a community. Every month at each location, you’ll find us spending time together outside of class! We host playdates after class and a night out just for us, and we race together either as teams or individuals–but almost always in some smokin’ hot S.L.A.M. attire. As they say, those who S.L.A.M. together, stay together.

Find extra event info and details under each location’s registration and Facebook pages.



All I gotta say is, man, we need this at every Army post! It’s fun, motivating, realistic, inexpensive, and practical. Thanks for helping get my behind in gear – with baby in tow! Can’t beat the friendships either!!


I love, love, LOVE! Stroller Strong Moms! From the very first day, I had NO idea it would impact my life the way it has. Going to class until about a week before I had baby #2 most definitely helped me achieve my goal of having a natural birth the second time around and helped me recover pretty quickly afterwards. I also ran my first 5k and am now addicted. Looking forward to MORE awesome butt-kicking workouts, watching all the babies play and grow, and making new friends all at the same time!



What happens during a Stroller Strong Moms class?

Workouts are an hour long. Class begins with a five minute warm-up followed by the core of the workout which includes intervals of walking/running and fitness stops that will focus on strength and conditioning exercises. From one fitness stop to the next, moms will be led through specific planned out routes depending upon their preference of walking or running. The final 10-15 minutes of class takes place in the spot where class began, and sometimes moms have the option to take their babies/toddlers out of the stroller to participate with them. This segment of class focuses on core strengthening and stretching. We will especially hone in on the muscles that are weakened during pregnancy and childbirth and used and abused while caring for your children.

What makes Stroller Strong Moms better than a local gym membership?
This program was created by a momma for mommas! Moms can workout with their children so they don’t need to worry about leaving their children in someone else’s hands. Children also learn from mom that keeping fit and being healthy is an important part of life. Moms are able to motivate each other as they workout with other moms with similar fitness goals in a much less intimidating environment.
How do I register for class?

Your first class is free so you can just show up. Arrive at least 10 minutes before start time. We begin promptly and class will leave the warm-up area. Once you decide that Stroller Strong Moms is right for you, there are a few different payment plans to fit your needs.

How do I purchase a package of classes?
You may purchase classes at class with a check or you may use a credit card by following the prompts that will lead you to the secure online member management system. You will create a profile and be able to purchase plans and passes.
What do I need for class?
You need you, your child (or children), a stroller, a resistance band, and 3, 5 or 8 pound hand weights. The instructor will have extra resistance bands for those who are trying class for the first time. You may use any type of stroller. An umbrella stroller is not recommended and a jogging stroller is recommended but not necessary. Just be sure the stroller you are using is sturdy. You must wear athletic shoes and bring a towel or mat for the ground exercises and plenty of water. A hat and/or sunblock are also highly recommended. A stroller cover or a light blanket or towel for clipping onto the stroller to protect your child from sun or rain may be useful. For older children, snacks and toys are a good idea as well.
What if the weather is bad?
We will only cancel classes in extreme weather conditions. Please check the facebook page for updates in the morning before class. We will post this information on the facebook page an hour before class begins.
What do I do if my baby gets fussy during class?
The beauty of a stroller fitness class is that we are all moms and we all understand. The first priority is the happiness of your baby. Tend to your baby first. Class will stop every few minutes for exercise stations, so you will be able to catch up with the group if you happen to get behind. We will provide music, books and fun for the children during class in order to minimize boredom and fussiness. Often times the interaction with other children, the entertainment of mom working out and the constant movement of the class from one spot to the next is enough to keep children happy.
When can I start class?
Once you are six weeks postpartum and your doctor has cleared you for exercise, you may begin attending Stroller Strong Moms.
Does my child have to be an infant?
No, your children can take classes up to any age as long as they still enjoy a ride in the stroller.
What if I have more than one child?
Bring them all to class! Many moms workout with double and even triple jogging strollers!
Can I still join if I have non-stroller aged kids?
Yes of course! We have lots of moms who attend class with no kids in tow. Older children are welcome at class, we simply ask that they stay next to the strollers during stations and next to you during routes for the safety of themselves and others. Older kids are great because they help entertain the children in strollers as they participate in songs and fingerplays.
I am pregnant, is this class right for me?
Yes. Studies have found that exercise during pregnancy has multiple benefits for BOTH mom and baby. Some of these benefits for mom include having shorter and less complicated labors, returning to pre-pregnancy weight sooner, less discomfort during pregnancy, more energy during pregnancy and faster recovery after, and improved body image. As far as the intensity of the exercise, moms are instructed to listen to their body and often times moms automatically adjust their intensity throughout their pregnancy. If you wish to start working out once you are pregnant, appropriate modifications will be made for you. It is asked that you discuss your exercise plans with your health care provider before participating in Stroller Strong Moms.
Is my instructor trained in prenatal and postpartum fitness?
Yes, all instructors are nationally certified fitness trainers and their coursework included extensive education in prenatal and postpartum fitness. If you have any concerns, do not be afraid to talk to your instructor about them.
If my child is unable to come to class one day, can I still come?
Yes of course. You do not have to have a child with you to attend class.
Can my husband/friend/mom/relative come to class with me?
Yes! If your husband wants to join you on a particular day or if you have friends or family in town, you can certainly bring them to class, free of charge!
Can my kids ride their bikes, scooters, or skate boards?
For liability reasons and for the safety of themselves and others, children must be in the stroller if they are 4 or below and running or walking alongside mom if they are 5 and above. Stroller Strong Moms instructors include fun things like songs, stories and bubbles in their daily plans to entertain children and keep them happy!
How do I contact Stroller Strong Moms for information and questions?

General info@strollerstrongmoms.com

Phone: 706.718.4629

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