S.L.A.M. in the ‘Ham!

Effingham and Statesboro are the perfect place to S.L.A.M. (Sweat Like A Mother). Both parks are surrounded by trees, running paths and playgrounds. Bring your strollers, your babies and lets get down and S.L.A.M., y. a’ll! Starting in May, we will be sweating like a mother FIVE days a week!

If you’ve got a set of dumbbells, yoga mat/towel and a resistance band, bring them too.  No stroller, no problem!  If your kids went back to school or you’ve got a bun in the oven,  you’re welcome!  Come get your S.L.A.M. on! No more excuses!


This park is located off Courthouse Road in Springfield.  We will meet and start class at the tennis courts. There is a playground and picnic area to enjoy after class.







Mill Creek is the recreational park next to Splash in the Boro. Join us this summer! Let’s get our SLAM on and cool off at the waterpark. There is also a playground/picnic area to enjoy as well.

We will meet in the parking lot next to the main playground/picnic area.

First Class Complementary


  • Perfect for attending class often
  • Pregnant moms may suspend membership when baby arrives
  • You may cancel at any time with two weeks’ advance notice

10 CLASS PASS | $90

  • A great option for attending class twice a week
  • Expires 6 months after purchase

5 CLASS PASS | $50

  • Good for those planning to attend class once every or other week
  • Expires 3 months after purchase


  • Single drop-in rate
  • Best for attending class less than once a weeks



Baker's , Springfield

Mill Creek, Statesboro


Let's S.L.A.M.


November 11th-Red, White and Blue 5k Run

November 15th-MNO

November 16th-Playgroup-Statesboro

Effingham/Statesboro Instructors

Apryl Lee | Email


Apryl is an ACE certified group fitness instructor, who is also a Critical Care Registered Nurse, trained in CPR/ACLS. She is from Savannah, GA. She currently lives in Effingham with her husband, Justin, and two children, Ryan and Jack. Her favorite way to sweat like a mother is with HIIT, tabatas and some old-fashioned friendly competition.


Who's Coming to Class?

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Suzie Burns

Suzie Burns is an ACE-certified group fitness instructor, also skilled in CPR. Suzie lives in Effingham County with her husband, Wilson, and three girls-Elizabeth, Georgia and Lila. She loves to sweat like a mother with interval training.


“When I decided to join Stroller Strong Moms 13 months ago, I had no idea how life-changing it would be. I was a 35 year old mom who smoked and had been through 2 back surgeries; I was obviously in the worst shape of my life. I wasn’t able to do regular exercises like push-ups or sit-ups, and that 1/4 mile run was killer! SLAM was hard at first…it kicked my butt! However, I am so thankful for every sore muscle and each bucket of SLAM sweat that I have shed.

Today, I am smoke free, I run 5ks for fun and I am stronger than I have ever been. All the credit goes to my SLAM family! The very best part is that my 4 years old son enjoy class just as much as I do. Stroller Strong Moms is so much more than just a group workout, it is a way of life that comes with lots of support, encouragement, friends, laughter, fun and lots of SWEATING LIKE A MOTHER.”


Lindsey Wood

Lindsey is an ACE-certified group fitness instructor and is CPR/First Aid certified. She lives in Effingham County with her husband, Adam, and daughter, Denny. She loves to sweat like a mother with friendly teamwork competition and circuit/strength training.

“When I first heard about Stroller Strong Moms, I thought it would be a social hour for moms to get in shape, but mainly to get out of the house for a bit! Well, I was surprised by what I walked into. The first class I came to, we did a partner exercise of 100 sit-ups. I had never been able to do one. I finished with the help of my group and we finished first. The amount of motivation these girls give each other and the time they take to make sure you are doing the exercise is amazing. I have never been one to want to work out, and definitely not in front of a bunch of moms who are so fit, but these girls do nothing but motivate the next person and make sure you are all on the same page.

Over my year of working out, I’ve not only lost weight and gotten in shape, I’ve changed mentally because it gives you confidence to go in and do something you never thought possible. I owe a lot to this group and I hope that if you are reading this in contemplation, give this class a try. I never thought my little one would be so content in a stroller for an hour, but between the bubble blowing, songs and incorporation of strollers, she asks to go each morning.

Thank you Stroller Strong Moms!! I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for this amazing group of moms and the constant motivation thrown my way.”