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Five solid days of the week we S.L.A.M. in Savannah! Four of those days, we love it so much, we are sweating like mothers in multiple locations: Forsyth Park, in the heart of Savannah, and J.F. Gregory Park south of Savannah in Richmond Hill! To help us, we have SEVEN seasoned instructors, keen on finding our limits and pushing us past them.


Forsyth Park is everything we love about Savannah, 30 acres of palms, large oaks, and historic landmarks. And everything we love when we need good variety and sweat: Big open fields for strides and resistance stroller pushes, garden walls for step up and wallsits, park benches, a 1-mile, tree-lined trail around the park and its famous white fountain, plus a huge stage where we get creative with our S.L.A.M.

Parking & Start Location

There is plenty of parking on the side streets around the park on Hall, Gwinnett, and Huntindon Streets. You can also park in one of the two park parking lots, though the one next to Forsyth Park Cafe is closest to the playground where we meet. Start with us in the shaded grassy area next to the playground in the center of the park.


Located south of Savannah in Richmond Hill, J.F. Gregory Park is family and sweat friendly. There’s a large covered pavilion with picnic tables for pushups, a stage with steps for all kinds of stair work, grassy hills for sprints, and lovely wooded, 3-mile trail for running and more sweating!

Parking & Start Location

In the lot at the entrance of the park, you will find plenty of parking. Meet us in the grassy area next to the playground.

WHEN TEMPS ARE BELOW FREEZING IN WINTER | 9:30-10:30 AM (see Facebook at 8:30AM for the decision)

Located downtown, CrossFit SteadFast provides us with a warm and fully equipped gym to go about our SLAM business. Thank you CrossFit SteadFast!!! 

Parking & Start Location

514 Berrien Street, Savannah, GA 31405.  There is street parking on Selma and Berrien.



Forsyth Park

J.F. Gregory Park



Let's S.L.A.M.


May Events

6th: Crimestoppers 5k

11th: MNO: Pub Golf

13th: Mother/Daughter 5k

17th: Julie’s Last Class 🙁

22nd: Field Day and RAG Fundraise


Savannah Instructors

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Cassie Cercy | email


Cassie Cercy is an ACE certified group fitness instructor and is CPR/First Aid certified. She has been living in Savannah since 2012 with her husband, Bryan and sons, Jaxon and Tyson. Cassie’s favorite way to sweat like a mother is through sprinting, HIIT and Tabata workouts, and while chasing around all of the littles at the playground after Stroller Strong Moms.

Julie Brown

Julie Brown is an AFAA certified group fitness instructor and also CPR/AED certified. She is a California native that has lived in Savannah Georgia with her husband Zach and son Sam since February 2013 by way of the US Coast Guard. They have just added daughter, Isla, to the family who was born in June. Julie is a long time runner and athlete that loves every way to sweat, especially a good long run, a nice sweaty yoga class or of course a butt-kicking session with the Stroller Strong Moms.

Lindsey Von Broembsen

Lindsey is a NETA certified group fitness instructor.  She has been living in Savannah since 2012 with her husband Stephen and children, Norah and Kellan.  Her favorite way to SLAM is weight training and running with her husband or friends.  Lindsey loves the friendly competiviteness that can be found in the SSM workouts.

Tessa Jones

Tessa is an ACE certified group fitness instructor and is CPR/AED certified. She lives in Savannah with her husband, Bruce and daughter, Emerson. She has a passion for running, and loves participating in local races with her fellow Stroller Strong Moms. Tessa loves the sense of community that Stroller Strong Moms promotes — a village of determined women challenging and encouraging one another.

“This class is tough. If you choose to push yourself, you will see results! More importantly I have made so many friends with the same interests, who offer support. Exercise makes me happier and healthier and it is so easy to do when you have a great group of friends surrounding you cheering you on!!