It’s back!!!!  It’s time to GET FIT!

The 2016 Get Fit Challenge is a 10 week program that will include both a fitness assessment (during class time) and body composition assessment (before or after class) at the start and end of the program.

**TESTING DAY IS WEDNESDAY, MARCH 30TH AT VIRGINIA HIGHLANDS PARK IN ARLINGTON.**  If you are unavailable to make this date, please contact Kelli!

We will begin body composition and weigh-ins from 9:30-10:00am and the fitness assessment will be held during class time from 10:00-11:00am.12443699_10110352130284814_1089747339_o

The fitness assessment will include five different exercises that will be counted/timed. The body composition assessment will use a handheld body fat monitor. We will also be taking tape measurements at 3-4 locations on your body so you can see your amazing results at the end of 10 weeks.

You will receive points in the following ways:
-Class attendance
-Improvement in fitness assessment
-Improvement in body composition assessment
-How well you follow your nutrition goal

The Get Fit Challenge will happen during regular class days and times. The body composition testing will occur before or after class on those days.
Points will be tallied throughout the program and participants with the most points at the end of the 10 weeks will receive gift card prizes!!

The 2016 Get Fit Challenge is for 12517059_10110352129586214_967070186_oEVERYONE. If necessary, we will break up participants into groups based on the initial assessment results. This will make it fair across the board and encourage everyone to compete against others who are at their same fitness level. Whether you just had a baby or feel like you are currently in the best shape of your life, the Get Fit Challenge is designed to encourage and empower you to be a better athlete tomorrow than you were today!

You will take a before/after picture at class at the start and end of the program so you can see how much the hard work payed off!

There is a large nutrition component to this year’s Get Fit Challenge. Leslie Ann Berg MSPH, one of our own instructors, is a nutritionist with extensive experience in guiding people on what to eat and helping them reach their health related goals.  She will be providing a Nutrition Guide with a grocery lists and meal plans (including 2 breakfasts, 3 lunches, and 4 dinners) for vegan, Paleo, vegetarian, and whole food diets. *NEW THIS YEAR*  Leslie Ann has also added PREGNANCY and SPORTS NUTRITION components to the guide!  No matter where you’re at in your journey of mama-athlete, this challenge is for you!  ALSO!  She will host 5 LIVE chats via Facebook for Q&A sessions regarding nutrition for 1 hour each. Once the challenge begins, you will be placed into a Get Fit group on Facebook.  On the given dates and times, you will sign on to Facebook where Leslie Ann will be waiting for your questions!  It’s an amazing opportunity that you won’t want to miss!

Participants will also be provided with a nutrition guide that will provide grocery lists and/or meal plans (including 2 breakfasts, 3 lunches, and 4 dinners) for vegan, paleo, vegetarian, and whole food diets. You will be given a list of 10 nutrition goals on the Get Fit challenge sheet to help guide you. You will also have the option of coming up with your own. You will write down one nutrition goal that you will work to follow over the 10 weeks.12842587_10110352129855674_1455892479_o

Another awesome bonus to this year’s challenge??  You’ll get to meet the creator, founder, and brains behind SLAM Nation, Alexa Smith!  She’s a mom-of-three, currently building her third SSM affiliate from scratch, branching out and adding more affiliates, training for Run Across Georgia, super wife to her Army stud, and hands-down one of the closest people to my heart.  How does she do it all?!?  Sign-up for a Google Hangout and meet this beautiful soul and really get a glimpse on what the BALANCE of being a mom, wife, athlete, friend, and health food lover really looks like!  She’ll leave you laughing and you’ll fall in love with everything that SLAM is (if you haven’t already!).1015197_10153944861840154_2087203596_o

There is a $40 registration fee for the Get Fit Challenge. Payment can be made on the DC Area SSM page on the website. Scroll halfway down and you will see it on the right side of the screen. You have to be a member of SSM in order to participate in the Get Fit Challenge. But don’t worry, it’s easy to become a member! All you need to do is purchase a 1 month unlimited membership, 10 class pass, or 5 class pass. Check out the website and sign up to be a member:
You do not have to participate in the Get Fit Challenge as a member of Stroller Strong Moms. It is your choice. Any questions, concerns, comments can be sent to

The past five years of the Get Fit Challenge across all SSM affiliate locations have been a GREAT success!! Moms lost noticeable amounts of body fat and improved tremendously in their fitness assessments. The results were extremely impressive!! Moms lost as much as 15 pounds over the 10 weeks and many dropped body fat percentages by over 5% (which is SUPER impressive). But most importantly, moms FELT better in their bodies!  If you want first-hand experience, talk with some of our own that did it last year!  Becky Cullinan won the entire challenge and Megan Brookes took home the bronze!  Snag them for a minute to answer the burning question – is it worth it?!   I promise it is – and I think you’ll hear the same from them…but go ahead, ask! 😉12082027_10110352130135114_1321384259_o

We hope you join us for this years Get Fit Challenge!!!

Click HERE to join SLAM DC Area’s 2016 Get Fit Challenge!

Keep SLAM’n,