I’m Katie (sometimes referred to as Kdubs), an Army wife, Bachelor’s Degree Registered Nurse, stay-at-home mama to Sawyer (age 2), and former instructor at SLAM Fort Hood, and now SLAM BOSS. During pregnancy, I found that I was beyond fascinated with pregnant and postpartum information and couldn’t learn enough! I was already a fitness enthusiast and being in Richmond, Virginia, there was a wealth of information and a very large community based on pregnancy and postpartum support. I was devastated that I was going to be taking my newborn to a place that didn’t have this type of community already established. As a brand new mama and Army wife at a new duty station, I was struggling to find my sense of belonging.

Prior to motherhood, I found my sense of community and friendship through co-workers or at a local CrossFit “box” while living out my dream as a traveling nurse. Those types of schedules just weren’t going to fit into my new role and I craved that sense of community in my new home at Fort Hood. One of my husband’s friend’s, Ashleigh, told me about SLAM (Columbus) and I started following the SLAM Nation Instagram page. I was devastated when I learned there wasn’t one at Fort Hood.

Weeks later, it was announced that there was one coming to Fort Hood and I couldn’t have been more excited! It was love at first SLAM when I made it to the grand opening at SLAM Fort Hood. It was exactly what I needed! It was that intense workout that was tailored to every single person at class. There was always someone to listen, hug, or hold a fussy infant. Someone to guide me into this new role as a military spouse as well as a new mama.

SLAM was more than a workout, it was my happy place! It pushed me out of my comfort zone of strength based workouts to become a runner (I’m still NOT a runner.) I did RAGNAR Texas Trails in October of 2019 with the Fort Hood and San Antonio mamas and completed my first half marathon November, 2019. When Amanda asked me if I was interested in becoming an instructor for Hood, I didn’t hesitate to say yes! I have grown so much as an instructor and I’m always striving to learn more.

When we found out we were moving to Aberdeen, Maryland, I started doing some research on the area. I played with the idea of opening my own SLAM for about a week. When I finally decided I was ready, Alexa had told me there was someone else interested too. The three of us had a group meeting and decided that this could really be perfect! (Plus….she has the best name!)


I’m Katy! Army Wife, stay-at-home mama of three (John 7, Sean 5, Mila 2), former fitness and yoga instructor at SLAM Leavenworth and now SLAM BOSS. I’ve been an army spouse through the births of all three of my babies. My first two were born right after PCS, which made motherhood feel a bit different than I imagined. The first few years I spent most of my time either at home or running the boys to their playgroups, storytime, swim lessons, etc., and never really clicked with anyone.

When we moved to Leavenworth, I figured it would be the same old routine…but I found SO much more. My sweet neighbor (Tara Jones) told me about SLAM, at first I said “no” thinking this isn’t going to be for me. I finally gave it a shot and all I could say is WOW! The energy from those mamas was something I never felt before. Seeing them cheering each other on, pushing each other to keep going, offering help without hesitation, just LOVING one another, inspired me. I called my husband from the parking lot almost in tears and told him “I think I found my people.” I was HOOKED!

After living the SLAM life for 2 years, I developed a deep passion for yoga. As luck would have it, the local studio offered the Om Prana 200-hour course to become a certified yoga instructor. I excitedly told Meghan, the Leavenworth SLAM BOSS, not expecting her to say “you’re hired,” but she did and that was that!

When we received orders to Aberdeen, the first thing I did was look to see if there was a SLAM. To my disappointment, there was not. I mentioned it to Meghan and again in true Meghan fashion she said “so open one!” I emailed Alexa expressing my interest, and she informed me there was another mama wanting to open in Aberdeen, too! What LUCK to have someone to share all of the SLAM love with right away and the fact that she has the same name … it was meant to be!

I am so grateful to have found this absolutely inspiring group of women, so humbled to have instructed for those Leavenworth mamas, and SO excited to start this journey with new mamas here in Aberdeen!

Aberdeen Proving Ground mamas, get ready to get your sweat on with us! Stay up to date on SLAM APG by following us on FacebookInstagram, and our Webpage (coming soon)!