Billings, MT

Big Sky SLAM

Where We SLAM

Optimist Park

Morgan Avenue & Hallowell Lane

Monday & Wednesday | 9:30-10:30 am

Optimist Park is a great place to SLAM! It has a basketball court, baseball field, and plenty of trails to use. Large trees offer shade during class and the park has unique landscaping that can be used for tons of different exercises. The playground is one of the best in Billings – certainly fun for the kiddos AND the mamas!

We will meet and start class at the north end of the park near the parking lot close to the baseball field. There is plenty of parking in the parking lot or along Hallowell Lane.

Questions? Contact Tiffany Ricci.

Central Park

8th Street West & Central Avenue, Billings, MT

Thursday | 9:30-10:30 am

This expansive park is a great place to Sweat Like a Mother! Central Park offers ample space to move about and plenty of shade from large trees. After our sweat session, we can connect at the playground and have lunch at the picnic shelter.

We will meet near the playground to start our workout. There is plenty of parking in front of the park and overflow parking on the north end of the park close to the tennis courts.


Questions? Contact Tiffany Ricci.

Pioneer Park

3rd Street West & Parkhill Drive

Tuesday | 9:30 – 10:30 am

Located in the heart of Billings, Pioneer Park offers multiple modalities for SLAM. There are tennis courts, multi-use trails, hills, and tons of field space and trees to contribute to sweat-worthy workouts! Pioneer Park has a new playground for all ages and a wading pool to help us cool off after class.

We will meet and start class on the east side of the park (3rd St. West side) between the high school track and wading pool area. There is a small parking lot on the west end of the park or street parking on the east side.


Questions? Contact Tiffany Ricci.

Indoor Information

Boys & Girls Club – Bair Family Clubhouse | 505 Orchard Lane, Billings, 59101

Monday & Wednesday | 9:30-10:30 AM


Rimrock Mall | 300 S 24th St. West, Billings, 59102

Tuesday & Thursday | 9:30-10:30 AM
Meet at Main Entrance, near Food Court


Questions? Contact Tiffany Ricci.

Optimist Park

Pioneer Park

Boys & Girls Club - Bair Family Clubhouse (Indoor Location)

Rimrock Mall (Indoor Location)


Tiffany Ricci |

Tiffany is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and has been an ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist since 2011. She is CPR certified through AHA. In continuing her desire to best serve her mama tribe, she became a certified Pregnancy and Postpartum Athleticism Coach in 2019. She started SLAMing in Fairbanks. From the first class, she was hooked. The workouts were creative, fun and challenging and the community of mamas and kiddos cannot be beat! She became an instructor in 2016 and became SLAMBoss in 2017.

After a cross-country move, Tiffany brings the SLAM love to Billings! As an owner, she is excited to continue with SLAMazing workouts and build a fun, dynamic and energizing community of SLAM sisters. Tiffany’s favorite ways to SLAM, besides SSM, are running, biking, hiking, and chasing around her three rambunctious boys.












Where to even start?! SLAM with Tiffany is absolutely incredible. This mama gives it her all and cares deeply about her community and her workout mamas. SLAM became a huge support to me that I didnt know I would need after my son was born. Came for the workout, stayed for the friendships I’ve made. If you’re on the fence about going I highly encourage you to give it a try!! 

Gina D.

Billings SLAMer

SLAM is an amazing community of women working out together and doing life alongside one another. I definitely recommend Stroller Strong Moms if you are looking for a great workout for every level of fitness. I have participated during pregnancy and postpartum and have had amazing instructors modifying the workout to my ability. Instructors like Tiffany will definitely make you feel welcome and provide you with the tools you need to get the most out of your workout. I can’t recommend this enough and my kiddos love their little community of friends that they get to see and play with daily! We love SLAM and you will too!

Lauren R.

Billings SLAMer

The only thing I regret about SLAM is not joining sooner!! It’s such an amazing and supportive group of women empowering women. Almost immediately, I noticed a positive change in my physical and mental health. I highly recommend SLAM! 

Erica E.

Billings SLAMer