Colorado Springs, CO

Rocky Mountain SLAM!

Where We SLAM

Trinity United Methodist Church - Indoor location

Trinity United Methodist Church – Indoor location

701 N 20th Street Colorado Springs CO 80904


Questions? Contact Danielle Sylvain.

Wildflower Park

Wildflower Park

980 Nolte Drive North Colorado Springs CO 80916

Monday, Wednesday, & Friday

Meet at basketball courts


Questions? Contact Danielle Sylvain.

America the Beautiful Park

Trinity United Methodist Church

Wildflower Park

Nancy Lewis Park


Danielle Sylvain |

Danielle Sylvain (but everyone calls her Dani) is an AFFA certified group fitness instructor. She is CPR/AED certified through the American Red Cross. She is proud Army wife and mom of two beautiful children. She fell in love with SLAM while her husband was deployed and she had gone home to Clarksville TN. She found the workouts were creative, fun and challenging not to mention the great bond formed with all the other SLAM sisters. When hearing the news that her family was moving to Colorado Springs she knew instantly that she wanted to bring Stroller Strong Moms to her new Community. Her favorite ways to SLAM are high intense workouts and a good long run.











The Colorado Springs Team

Shelby Johnson | Run Coach

Shelby is a UESCA certified running coach. She also has a master’s degree in Physician Assistant studies and is CPR/first aid/PALS certified. She recently relocated from Colorado to the Monterey peninsula with her husband and 3 kids. Shelby discovered Stroller Strong Moms in 2011 when Alexa first brought the tribe together in Columbus, GA. Until recently she has had to watch from a far with no nearby affiliates, but in the meantime grew her love of all things running. She does not discriminate distance and has run races from 5k to 100k. She has a particular fondness for mountains and trail/ultra running. Some may call her crazy but her desire is to share her love of running with as many as she can. Her favorites ways to sweat are hill repeats or beach runs with her SLAM sisters.

Darien Grover | Instructor

Hi! My name is Darien and I am a mom to 3 beautiful kiddos and a military spouse of 21 years! I started my amazing SLAM journey 2 years ago at Ft. Leavenworth, KS. I have been a runner for quite some years and love it. However, I’ve always shied away from strength training, which is odd because as we all know, strength training greatly compliments a runner’s performance. But then I found SLAM and I thank my lucky stars every day for such a great blessing! I started SLAM in August of 2018 with the intension of attending class 1-2 times a week, maybe 3. Once I started, before I knew it I was going almost 5 times a week and then running with my SLAM sisters on the weekends. I couldn’t get enough! I didn’t continue to go because of the fitness benefits (although those gains were a great bonus)…I continued to show up because of the amazing community. This group of women who continuously encouraged, inspired and loved on each other. I never in all my years of marriage and living the military life experienced anything like it! Leaving Leavenworth, I knew I wanted to be a part of this circle in more ways than continuing to take classes…I wanted to help build this community for other women so that they could experience what I did. So I earned my group fitness certification through AFAA and I am honored and excited to be a part of changing others’ lives and to be doing it here in Colorado Springs!