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Stroller Strong Moms Columbia

Need a Reason to Sweat? Join Stroller Strong Moms Today!

Have you been looking for a good reason to get out and get sweating? Then you need to check out Stroller Strong Moms Columbia! Stroller Strong Moms is a unique, fun, and challenging total-body workout that helps bring women together and show their children what it means to be strong. We pride ourselves in offering classes throughout the community that are all multi-level, so each fitness ability can participate.

If you are looking for an effective, motivating workout that will help build strength, increase your endurance, and assist you in achieving your fitness goals, look no further than our Columbia stroller fitness group! Join today, your first class is always free!

Get Strong, Lean & Energized with Stroller Strong Moms Columbia

Columbia, South Carolina is hot, and we get our workouts in year-round outside. We utilize a variety of different equipment and movements throughout our class to help you achieve the best possible workout, including weight training, resistance band training, and endurance-type movements. Our coaches also integrate yoga, mobility, and stretching into our sessions to help build flexibility and strength.

Our Columbia stroller fitness classes meet at:

  • Citadel Park next to the playground on Mondays and Thursdays
  • Owens Field Track / Skate Park on Tuesdays

Each month, Stroller Strong Moms Columbia also offers running benchmarks, such as our 5k and 10k runs. These runs help our athletes track their progress and allows our coaches to provide a personalized training program to help members meet and exceed their running goals.

Are You Ready to Start SLAM’n?

At Stroller Strong Moms Columbia, we are proud to Sweat Like a Mother, or as we know it, SLAM! Our classes are fun, constantly varied, open to all fitness levels, and challenging in new and exciting ways. We bring women together as a community and we are proud to offer Mom’s Night Out events once a month, and playgroups for our children on a regular basis.

Contact us today to get your first free workout with Stroller Strong Moms Columbia!



Citadel Park – We will meet next to the playground

MONDAYS & THURSDAYS  |  9:15 – 10:15 AM


Owens Field Track/Skate Park

Park at the track and the gate will be open for strollers!

TUESDAYS  |  9:15 – 10:15 AM






First Class Complementary


  • Perfect for attending class often
  • Pregnant moms may suspend membership when baby arrives
  • You may cancel at any time with two weeks’ advance notice

10 CLASS PASS | $90

  • A great option for attending class twice a week
  • Expires 6 months after purchase

5 CLASS PASS | $50

  • Good for those planning to attend class once every or other week
  • Expires 3 months after purchase


  • Single drop-in rate
  • Best for attending class less than once a week

Citadel Park

Let's S.L.A.M.

We are “Famously Hot”


Columbia Instructor

Bridget Hall | email

Bridget Hall is a certified ACE Group Fitness Instructor, Bikram teacher and 200 hr Power Vinyasa yoga Instructor and certified in CPR/AED. Bridget is from Durham, NC, but living in Columbia, SC while her husband is stationed at SHAW AFB. Bridget lives with her husband, two sons (Connor, 6 and Logan, 4) and baby girl, Brooklyn (1 year) Bridget is not only passionate about yoga, but running, fitness, and encouraging other mother’s to be the best self they can be! Bridget’s favorite way to SLAM is by running, and of course her yoga practice.


Who's Coming to Class?

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To all the moms out there, you gotta check this out. A kickin’ workout and you don’t need to find a sitter. Bring your babies/kids, your stroller, yoga mat, and a smile. You get to make new friends with like minded moms, sweat together, laugh together and feel amazing and empowered when you’re done!