On Saturday, January 3rd at 8AM, the 9th Annual Red Nose Half Marathon will take place in uptown Columbus and it is FREE!!!!

Stroller Strong Moms, let’s do this! If you are a SSM, you CAN run a half-marathon and the following schedule will help you get there!

Janet has put together a general run/walk training program for those moms who are just starting out and have never run a half marathon before or want to take it slow…

Message from Janet: This is a guideline to get started- if you feel comfortable running longer with shorter run breaks to start, do it!! The goal is to be able to maintain the same run/walk ratio throughout the run- keeping an 8/2  run/walk is better than running for 40 min minutes and then having to walk to 20. Make sure to stay hydrated during your long runs!


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Screenshot 2014-11-24 22.19.25


Happy running mamas!!!!

Keep SLAMing!