First, I’d like to say what an honor it is getting chosen as SLAM-er of the month for Effingham/Statesboro! My name is Alex Proctor and I live in Effingham County with my husband, two girls and too many animals to name. In my free time, I love watching anything other than Sophia the First, not picking up after anyone else and being outdoors!! I am blessed with being a stay at home mom during the day and working part time at night at a local restaurant! Between juggling a school age pre-teen, a sweet and sour threenager, and my third oldest, my husband, it was such a blessing to find this amazing group of women at Stroller Strong Moms! My first class I attended I didn’t know what to expect, I thought it would be a little walking around the park, socializing, and a few jumping jacks-boy, was I wrong! If you never got to meet Downtown Julie Brown,  then you’re missing out. I literally thought my body wouldn’t allow me to finish something that use to come so easy to me, but with the group of complete strangers I was with they encouraged me and supported me (literally) through the 100 sit ups! At the end of the class, a beautiful, bubbly blonde (Cassie) picked me out of the large group and gave me a free month membership-I think she knew deep down that not only was I struggling on the outside, I was struggling on the inside! That’s the day my new journey started, and I can say today (almost 3 years later) that I am down over 60+ pounds!

This group not only helped me with my physical shape but has helped me with being a better role model for my kids, confidence, a routine that I never knew I was missing and so so much more! On days that I don’t make it to workout, it literally throws my whole groove off, and my three year old probably complains more than I do if we miss, because crazy enough she loves to be buckled in her stroller and sit and watch me workout so she can copy everything I do later at home! I count my blessings daily and thank God for the people and things he has put in my life, and I always include this group and my amazing leader here (Apryl) because without this group of woman I wouldn’t be where I am today with my fitness journey and goals that I’m still achieving! From being the last one in the walking path, to picking the running path every time (still hanging in the middle bc speed isn’t my thing, even though my arms make me look like I’m going faster than I am) from only being able to do a push up from my knees with my butt still in the air, to winning the get fit challenge, it’s not just a fad new workout group, it’s a lifestyle change and I’m so glad I found it!

Stroller Strong Moms has created something special and unique here, over forty plus women from all different backgrounds and way of life coming together in such an encouraging way and motivating each and every person around them is just something you don’t see everyday (and with their kids in tow)!! I love my tribe and am so honored that after three years I’m still achieving my goals and working towards a better me! Thank you from the bottom of my heart SSM and all the amazing instructors and owners that keep this group going, y’all are changing lives every day and y’all deserve a shout out too!