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Find Your Strong Challenge 2019

What is the SLAM Challenge?

Join Stroller Strong Moms El Paso for a life changing challenge, the SLAM Challenge. 

What is the SLAM Challenge?

The 2019 SLAM Challenge will Find Your STRONG (IN YOU). This is a 10 week challenge designed for you to jump start your fitness, make incredible gains and set yourself up for a successful 2019. This is it! You will lose inches, weight, gain confidence, increase speed and endurance. This year’s challenge includes some new components to make this year’s challenge even better. We hope you’ll join us in 2019 to FIND YOUR STRONG!

Want to know more about our Challenge? Learn more here! 

Stroller Strong Moms El Paso

Stroller Fitness Classes

El Paso offers a beautiful setting for mamas to Sweat Like a Mother, or as we like to call it, SLAM. Stroller Strong Moms El Paso is a perfect place for us because we are able to take advantage of the beautiful terrain, mountains, and weather that Texas has to offer outside all year round. Our El Paso stroller fitness class meets SIX times a week, and our coaches are all certified group fitness instructors through nationally recognized accrediting organizations.

We pride ourselves in offering challenging full-body workouts that get our athletes outside, moving, and most importantly, having fun. Our stroller fitness class is constantly varied and modifiable for every level of athlete. If you are a pregnant mom, a new mom, a seasoned mom, or a mom who has kids that have grown up and gone to school, Stroller Strong Moms El Paso has something to offer you!

Each of our classes offers mamas the opportunity to build strength, gain endurance, and meet their fitness goals. We incorporate dumbbells, running/jogging/walking, body-weight movements, mobility, and plyometrics to gain a total-body workout that is challenging and fun!

Are you ready to Sweat Like a Mother, or as we like to say, SLAM? Join us! Your first class is always free!

Sweat Like a Mother in West, NorthEast and Central El Paso!

Our El Paso stroller fitness classes meet at three locations in El Paso to allow our mom-athletes the chance to SLAM SIX times a week at various locations.

Stroller Strong Moms El Paso meets at:

  • Westside Community Park
    • This park allows us to utilize the hills, running paths, shady areas, picnic tables, and playgrounds. We meet in front of the playground to begin class.
  • Veterans Park
    • Baseball fields, bleachers, and open spaces allow us to get creative while using this area! Meet us in front of the playground for class.
  • Fountains at Farah
    • Green space, walking/running paths and steps are just a few highlights at the Fountains. This is our newest location and we are excited for classes to begin there on August 17th.

Ready to Get Started? Your First Class is Free!

We are a community of fun-loving, ready-for-a-challenge women that motivate each other and work together to help achieve our fitness goals. In addition to our classes, we offer playgroups, Mom’s Night Out events, track meet-ups and more!

If you are ready to get started, Grab a FREE trial Class today. Ready to S.L.A.M.

Complimentary First Class


MONDAY and WEDNESDAY | 9:15-10:15AM
*Summer Hours 9-10am

Westside Park truly represents El Paso with a view of the mountains, HILLS, run paths, a shaded playground, picnic areas, playground and a spray park seasonally.  Everything we love when we need good variety and sweat can be found here: An open fields for strides and resistance stroller pushes, curbs galore for step ups, park benches and fences for sits and resistance band work. Be ready to S.L.A.M.

Parking & Start Location

There is several parking lots within the park and recreation center. Join us in the lot in front of the playground to begin class.

Grab a Free Trial HERE.

TUESDAY and THURSDAY | 9:15-10:15 AM
*Summer Hours 9-10am

Veterans Park, located in the Northeast area of El Paso, is the perfect place to sweat and everything we need to get creative with our S.L.A.M. Veterans showcases 44 acres of big fields for strides and resistance stroller pushes, park benches, baseball fields, bleachers and a covered pavillion. 

Parking & Start Location

There are several parking lots at Veteran’s park. Please park next to the playground where class will begin.

Grab a FREE Trial Class HERE.

WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY | 9:15-10:15 AM
*Summer Hours 9-10am

The Fountains at Farah, located in central El Paso, is the perfect place to sweat and everything we need to get creative with our S.L.A.M. The Main Lawn with stage, 5 beautiful fountains, Turf fields and various store fronts and paths make for a unique workout each day.  

Parking & Start Location

There are several parking options at the Fountains at Farah. We meet on the main lawn in front of the stage. This area is located on the lower area called the Promenade and closest to I-10.

Public bathrooms are available just inside the parking garage next to the Woodhouse Spa.

Grab a FREE Trial Class HERE.

*Click on packages to sign up.



This package is perfect for mamas who want to attend class more than once a week at any location.  This is an ongoing plan and you will be charged $55 each month unless you cancel your membership. Please allow 2 weeks notice for cancellation by emailing jessica@strollerstrongmoms.com.

Holds will be automatically be placed on accounts when moms have a new baby (or earlier if medically necessary) and removed when Mom arrives back at SLAM for the first time. Holds may *not* be placed for travel purposes.

10 CLASS PASS | $95

  • Expires 3 months after purchase
  • NO refunds or extensions.

20 CLASS PASS | $180

  • Expires 6 months after purchase
  • No refunds or extensions.


  • Single drop-in rate
  • Best for attending class less than once a week




Westside Community Park

Veterans Park

Fountains at Farah

Let's S.L.A.M.

M – Westside Community Park
T  – Veterans Park (Northeast)
W  – Westside Community Park & The Fountains
T – Veterans Park (Northeast)
F – The Fountains


Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events 

❄️ January 

12 | FUN RUN @ Trek West 7:45am

14 | Playgroup ⛄️ SNOW

15 | Find Your Strong Challenge Begins 

19 | Moms Night Out Red Room 

20 | Track Attack Franklin HS 3:30pm

21 | Family Class MLK 

22 | Heavy Weights Specialty Class Northeast 

26 | Fort Bliss 5k 

28 | Heavy Weights Specialty Class West

31 | Super Bowl Class 


1 | Sweat Club Class

9 | Moms Night Out Luxury Nail Spa 

10 | Family Fun Run I ❤️SLAD

14 | All You Need is SLAM Valentines Class & Exchange 

17 | El Paso Half/5k

Your First Class is Complimentary


Jessica Hamel | email

Owner, Instructor

Jessica is a proud military wife and mom of three. She achieved her NETA certified group fitness instructor certificate in 2014 and is also CPR/AED certified through AHA. She is an educator by trade with a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and a Master’s Degree in Administration and Educational Leadership. Jessica became a member of Stroller Strong Moms Savannah in 2012 and instantly fell in love with the S.L.A.M. community. After arriving in El Paso in July 2017, she immediately recognized the opportunity to bring Stroller Strong Moms to local moms of El Paso and Fort Bliss. She knows SSM El Paso will bring the same sense of community the other S.L.A.M. villages have built across the nation. Jessica’s favorite ways to S.L.A.M. include HIIT training (High Intensity Interval Training), choreographed workouts to music, sprints and weight training.

Christi Tarantino


Christi is a fitness loving, California native and proud military wife and mom of two daughters. She has been a NETA certified group fitness instructor since 2014 where she was part of the Stroller Strong Moms Savannah instructor team. She is also CPR/AED certified through AHA. Christi is a full-time student, working towards earning her degree in dental hygiene and is thrilled to S.L.A.M. in her mornings before she hits the books. She is excited to join and lead another Stroller Strong team and help to promote a healthy lifestyle within this community. Christi’s favorite ways to S.L.A.M. include weight training and Tabata.

“My daughter and I attended our first class today and I have to say, I’m upset I waited a whole month! This class was awesome! The workout was great, the instructor and all of the mamas were so welcoming and friendly. I loved every bit of it.”


Krystal Fisher


Krystal has been SLAM’n since 2016. She is a proud military wife and a mom of four boys. Krystal has a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and a master’s degree in Education Administration. She is an ACE certified group fitness instructor and is also adult and infant First Aid/CPR/AED certified through AHA. She became a member of Stroller Strong Moms Leavenworth, Kansas in 2016. After falling in love with the community and program, she went on to become an instructor. She loves to sweat like a mother. Krystal enjoys motivating and encouraging fellow mamas in their fitness journey. She is beyond excited to join the El Paso SLAM team. Her favorite ways to SLAM is HIIT, sports/theme classes, and a little bit of competition!

Jordan Jimenez

Instructor, Heavy Weights

Jordan is a pastor’s wife and mom of 4 children.  She achieved a B.S. in Kinesiology Exercise Science from The University of Texas at El Paso in 2010.  She is CPR certified through the American Red Cross.  She is currently an adjunct professor for Howard Payne University’s extension center here in El Paso where she teaches weight training and walking/jogging courses.  Jordan has a passion for pushing other moms to new thresholds in their fitness and, as a former Division 1 collegiate soccer player, she always welcomes a little bit of friendly competition!  Her favorite way to S.L.A.M. include heavier weight training/Olympic lifts and anaerobic interval training.

Who's Coming to Class?

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“Such an amazing group of mothers who support and encourage each other to do the best they can and then some! I’ve only been here a month and I’m loving it! So happy I found out about such an amazing and life-changing group.”

Jessica K