Last week we said goodbye to one of our instructors and, boy, we will miss her so!! Alexis came to us as a first-time, 16-week pregnant mama-to-be! She found us online as she was moving to town and knew she wanted to continue working out during her pregnancy. She decided to give us a try – and she never looked back!! She continued to SLAM her entire pregnancy, and jumped right back into (modified) classes once Aiden was a few weeks old! Maintaining her fitness during AND after pregnancy made my heart scream for joy – but her journey from newly pregnant mama-to-be to Get Fit winner with a 6 month old is one of the coolest journeys I’ve ever witnessed.

Alexis Preg-Newborn

Alexis is an athlete; she played soccer and was a swimmer for most of her life. On top of that, she got a degree in physical education and taught high school students until she moved here. It was pretty obvious that living an active lifestyle was not foreign to her. This time, however, she did it as a mom! Regardless of your fitness level before pregnancy, coming ‘back’ after baby is SO incredibly hard! Aiden was born in December; Alexis ran a 5k in March, PR’d a 5k (pushing a stroller!) in April, became a DC instructor in May, and won the Get Fit Challenge in June.

Alexis Red Day 13616418_10111104731630684_876682875_o 13555630_10111104731655634_456020178_o

These accomplishments are a result of 2 things:

  • Determination: You can’t possibly achieve those things without it; Alexis definitely set goals and accomplished them!
  • Commitment: She made the commitment to Stroller Strong Moms and came to class consistently; she had one of the top attendance scores in the Get Fit Challenge!

Alexis Class 13579969_10111104731570804_863904681_o

On top of being one of the most determined and committed mamas I know, Alexis has a heart of GOLD. Her friendly demeanor and genuinely nurturing soul have meant so much to so many of our mamas. She has touched each and every one of us in her short amount of time here, and we are going to miss her SO incredibly much.

However, our loss is absolutely someone else’s treasure…not only did we fall in love with Alexis, she fell in love with SLAM’n and will be opening her own affiliate location this upcoming September in Dayton, Ohio!!!!! Enjoy her Ohio, you’ve got a gem!

Alexis run

Alexis, we are so proud of you and miss you, Jeremy, and Aiden already!!!!!!