November SLAMer of the Month- Wheaton!

Tracy has been “all in”/ fully addicted to Stroller Strong Moms since the day our Wheaton location opened. Since our Grand Opening, Tracy has come to classes (50 to be exact) with a smile on her face, encouraging words, high fives and an immense amount of determination. She works hard, crushes goals, and is quick to help any SLAM sister or kiddo in need. It’s been such a joy to watch her grow stronger every day and Wheaton is SO ridiculously lucky to have her as part of our tribe!

Hey SLAM Nation!
Tracy here! I’m completely humbled to be SLAMer of the month and excited to have the chance to share a little bit about SSM-Wheaton.

Barely a year ago I met my good friend, fellow preschool mom, and amazing SLAM boss, Casie Bucci. Small talk at a school function revealed she was a fitness instructor. I distinctly remember her eyes lighting up when she talked about Stroller Strong Moms and how it had changed her life. I didn’t understand what she meant then–I had never heard of SSM, nor considered a high intensity workout with kids in tow–but her excitement, passion, and gratitude for her community was so clear. And apparently irresistible.

Today I more than get it. I’m all in. I love it. I need it.

I positively count on the endorphin and adrenaline rush I get three days a week. I’ve played a lot of sports and done a lot of fitness programs in my day, but Casie’s workouts are honestly the most thoughtful and creative. Every week is such a fun opportunity to push and challenge myself.

But what really has me hooked is my SSM sisters. They say you meet your people in college. I found mine SLAMing in Wheaton.

We sweat and laugh and grimace and cheer and coo at the babies and grit our teeth and breath deep. We hoola hoop and Thriller dance and grape vine with the best of them. We show up. We talk about the world and our kids and share all manner of snacks and toys to keep the peace. We meet for coffee and give hugs and drink wine later on.

I am so grateful for these ladies.

I love that I get to spend my mornings with them and my kids, out in the elements (whatever they may be in Chicago), filling my lungs with fresh air in a beautiful setting. I feel healthier, stronger, and more balanced than I have in years.

So thank you and so much love to the whole SLAM World and especially to the mamas in Wheaton.

Happy SLAMing and thanks for reading!