Hello again! My name is Stephanie Noland and I am a proud Army wife and mother of four-year-old twins. I was born in Nuernberg, Germany and moved in 2011 with my husband Scott to the US. After having twins, I struggled with not being able to work and when I moved to Leavenworth, KS, I became a member of Stroller Strong Moms Leavenworth in 2017.

This amazing group of ladies changed my life. The support among all mothers was amazing and I reached, in that year fitness, levels I never thought were possible. I struggled first because the workouts were tough, and I hadn’t seriously worked out since my pregnancy. I did not have to worry, since everyone was so supportive and helpful and when my kids cried, there were always mums who helped me. This amazing group of ladies changed my life. I started running again, since some of the girls were dedicated runners and took me in. They even picked me up from home in the evenings when I was not motivated at all to run after a hard day with the kids. I ran three half marathons that year and changed my lifestyle completely.

When I moved to Fort Drum, I found a like-minded SLAM sister and was excited to start Stroller Strong Moms Fort Drum with her. We both brought to Fort Drum, the same sense of community and camaraderie we were able to experience in Leavenworth and Monterey. I am hoping to bring the same to Vicenza. Children love SLAM because they can make friends easily and watch their moms as role models for a healthy, fit lifestyle. I look forward to offering great workouts but also a support system for moms, women and athletes of all fitness levels. Stay up to date with our opening information on our webpage and follow us on Facebook and Instagram!