Katie’s very first SLAM class was in Columbus, GA at the 1 year SLAMiversary class in 2012. She immediately fell in love with the concept and soon became an amazing instructor and helped to build the community of mamas in Columbus who build each other up.

Soon the time came for the Army to pick up and move Katie’s family (to Fairbanks, Alaska… burrrr). She gave birth to her second child and after contemplating, she decided to give SLAM a try in the frigid northern temps of Fairbanks, AK. SLAM.TOOK.OFF. It’s a giant tribe of motivated mamas who do crazy things like run relays in sub zero temps and SLAM in the plowed snow paths and suffer from frostbite because negative temps are not an excuse for them! Katie and her tribe of motivated and no-excuse mamas SLAMed through it all and crushed some SLAMazing goals in the process! The rest of us are just in awe of SLAM Fairbanks! In one short year, Katie built a giant community of strong and powerful women who became family… or what we like to call SLAMily.

They celebrated their one year SLAMiversary last month! Just after celebrating the northernmost SLAM’s year of amazingness, it was time for Katie’s family to move once again, this time to Anchorage, AK! Once Katie left SLAM Fairbanks in the wonderful hands of new owner, Tiffany Ricci, she decided her new home would definitely be in need of some SLAM love! SLAM Anchorage was born! Katie is a true ambassador for Stroller Strong Moms and her passion and heart for providing moms and their children with a wonderfully welcoming and empowering community is a true gift.

Katie, the answer is yes, you are a SLAMaholic and we LOVE IT!!! Starting a business from the ground up is hard work and takes honest hustle. To do it all over again takes someone with a true love for what she does and belief in the spreading the vision that every moms deserves of tribe of women who will lift her up and push her to realize her strength within! Look for preview classes starting next week at Cuddly Family Midtown Park and Valley of the Moon Park in Anchorage! #spreadtheSLAMlove #slambossround2