Hi! I am Katie Provencher originally from Bellport, New York. I attended Azusa Pacific University in Cali where I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and then the State University of New York in Binghamton where I earned a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. I am now a proud Army wife to my husband, Dave. We have been married since 2008 and have lived in New York, twice in Columbus, Georgia and now Alaska! We have two amazing daughters: Norah Sue, who is 3.5 years old and Lila Beth, who is turning 1 and I LOVE being a mom!

I have always been very active and involved in sports and dance. Growing up, I was a swimmer and I ran on a Jr. High Cross Country Team as well. My mom, who wanted me to always stay active, had me involved in dance from a young age. In Jr. High I joined a Kickline and moved up to Cheerleading in High School. However, my main passion was dance. I was an accomplished dancer and won state and national titles in competition. One of the highlights of my dancing career was dancing at the Pro-Bowl in Hawaii as a dancer during N*Sync’s performance. I pursued Cheerleading in College and joined a group of runners training for the Los Angeles Marathon. It was at that point that I truly discovered running. With this group I completed the LA Marathon and thought I was just checking something off my bucket list. I was wrong I had been bit by the running bug.


Staying fit and active was a part of my life and after getting married; I knew I would be happiest when I was able to continue in an outlet that would afford me that. When I moved to Columbus, Georgia during my third trimester I saw this group of Mommas working out at a park just two blocks from my house. I told my husband I was definitely going to go to this stroller group after I had Norah and I was excited to be active again. However when the day came for me to go to Stroller Strong Moms (aka SSM), I was very intimidated to show up because I was feeling out of shape and had a newborn who liked to nurse very frequently. As soon as I showed up at SSM I realized I did not have to be intimidated at all! There were moms at all different fitness levels and everyone was encouraging and supportive. I have found that this group of women will not only do whatever they can to help you achieve any fitness goals; but also become trusted friends outside of class. For me the combination of attending a fitness class with my baby so I could set a good example for her and making strong friendships with other moms created the ‘perfect storm’ for my success. Less than a year after I started Stroller Strong Moms, I am surpassing goals I made and running my 5Ks faster pushing Norah than I did without a stroller pre-pregnancy. I became certified as a group fitness instructor through the American Council of Exercise and had a blast being an instructor for SSM enjoying all the classes and moms that shared that special time with me. Then with 7 other moms I Ran Across Georgia and set a course record. Crossing that finish line with my team is one of my greatest accomplishments.

Since we have been in Alaska, I missed that sense of community that I built with the other SSM and I wanted to regain that as well as regain the fitness level I attained through SSM and be that example of healthy living for my girls. My goal now is to inspire and encourage moms here is Fairbanks to take back their health and fitness and develop strong friendships through our new group. No matter what goals these mommas set, I know we can reach them and surpass them together and be excellent role models for our little ‘runners-to-be”!