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Recent Blog Posts

You Are What You Sleep

I like to live by the motto “I’ll sleep when I’m dead”, but really that just means I don’t take naps or sleep past 7 am. In reality, I live for my 8 hours of sleep. A consistent good night’s sleep is imperative; if you don’t get enough, you could be shortening your...

SLAM is Coming to the Holy City!

Hi! I’m Megan, owner of SLAM Charleston! I am mom to two wild and crazy boys, Peter age 6 and Patrick age 2. I have an ACE Group Fitness certification, an ACE Fitness Nutrition certification, a Run Coach certification through Road Runners Clubs of America, and a...

If You’ve Bean Missing Meat, Find Some Peas

Bean. Peas. Pun intended. While everyone has been buying milk and eggs, I have been stocking up on sweet potatoes and cauliflower. Before you roll your eyes, this isn’t me lecturing you to load up on veggies during these tough times. Confession: in the last ten days,...

There’s only one way to sweat…
like a mother.