Quantico, VA

Where We SLAM

Mt Zion Baptist Church

18410 Chapel St, Triangle, VA 22172

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday | 9:45 – 10:45 am

Parking is free.
Startup location is by the playground

Questions? Contact Stephanie Samudio

Quantico, VA


Stephanie Samudio | slamquantico@strollerstrongmoms.com

Stephanie Samudio is an NASM certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor and is CPR/First Aid certified. She lives in Virginia with her husband, Gabriel and daughter Ava. She completed her Master’s in Holistic Nutrition in August 2019 with a concentration on Gestational Diabetes and has 7 years of coaching under her belt to include group fitness, one-on-one training and nutrition coaching. Stephanie’s favorite way to sweat like a mother is through HIIT and Tabata workouts, core training, interval runs and chasing her little at the playground after Stroller Strong Moms.












Monthly Teachers Special$110 for the School Year (can be used for any holiday, long weekend or school break)

For more information, contact Stephanie slamquantico@strollerstrongmoms.com