Originally from Maryland, but still in the DC area, I moved to northern Virginia after meeting my now husband. We’ve been married for almost three years and have a handsome and energetic 19 month old, Peter.


After he was born, I quit my job as a behavior specialist working with adults with intellectual disabilities, and chose to stay home full time. I’ve always been athletic. I started baton twirling at 4 and competed in the world championships in Holland when I was 14. In high school I was cheerleader and when I went to college, I was on the majorette line.


Although I grew up active, exercise hasn’t always been part of my daily routine (aside from a few short runs here and there). After my son was born I knew I needed to do something to help with the stress of being a new mom and also to create healthy habits. Enter Kelli (owner of SSM DC) and Stroller Strong Moms DC Area. Kelli and I have known each other since college. We twirled together on the majorette line and although life separated us, we remained close friends. When Kelli told me she was starting SSM in DC, I knew I had to join. I went to the grand opening and haven’t looked back!


The first class was tough but I was hooked. My goal for this year was to be a healthy, fit mom. With the support of Kelli, the instructors at SSM DC, and all the other mamas, I have definitely achieved my goal. I placed third in the get fit challenge and have signed up for a half marathon and the army ten miler in the fall. Have I mentioned that I also now have a soft spot for lululemon???



I never knew I had such a love for fitness until I began SSM. I hated running and hated working out. I never imagined I would want to run on vacation. Now, I actually look forward to it. I’ve even worked out or gotten a run in on every vacation since staring (and enjoyed it!) Plus, my Pinterest board dedicated to getting off my tush has gotten some use.


SSM has made so many positive impacts on my life. I am in better shape now than before having a baby. It hasn’t even been a year and I see so many changes in my lifestyle. My little guy picks up on things we do at class and I know I am making a difference in not only my life, but his as well. An active lifestyle is part of who I am as a person and as a mom now and I’m loving it. I cannot wait to see what the next year of SLAM’n brings!