My name is Regina Incer and I love SLAM in so many aspects. Here is my story of how I became a Stroller Strong Mom in DC and what it has done for me!

Since a very young age, sports have always been my passion. I was part of the track and field team in high school and ran the 100 meter dash. During college and in the subsequent years, running was something I did sporadically, but I always wanted to try it again. In 2011, my husband and I moved to DC. We had no family around, no friends and being new in town, I started running again.

During my pregnancy in 2015, I only walked and did low impact exercise. After having Natalia in August of 2015, finding a place that I could bring her to workout was challenging. The only way I could workout was at home or running a couple of miles with her in the stroller. I made a lot of excuses to myself, as I was pretty cautious about doing workouts after giving birth and could not see myself going back to the fitness level I was before being pregnant.

One day, my husband mentioned a group of moms he usually saw on his way to work. They met to workout with their strollers near Aurora Highlands and suggested I join. In the beginning, I was not sure I wanted to join the group but my husband was persistent and convinced me to give it a try.

My first class was in June 2016. The group was incredible and the instructors were amazing! From the first welcoming words, to all of the positive energy from every mama sharing a common goal, I felt so comfortable. Realizing that the group was inclusive of all fitness levels, the kids sat in the strollers and the mamas worked out with t-shirts that read, “This is My Happy Hour.” That was my “Aha” moment!! I asked myself, “Why have I waited so long for this?!” Since that day, I became a Stroller Strong Mom!!

Sweat Like A Mother (SLAM) has helped me gain confidence in getting back to my fitness levels. After giving birth, it took me 6 months of HIIT, weights and running to run more than 3 miles. Now, I am training for the Marine Corps marathon with the #slamrunrepeat family and the coaching of one of the instructors. I’ve improved my 5K time by 2 minutes and won first place in SLAM DC Area’s Get Fit Challenge 2017!

SLAM has given me the tools to believe in myself and to find that “Regi” that was hidden after having Natalia. This is the lifestyle I want for my daughter, to be proud of herself, to believe that everything is possible with dedication and consistency… That sometimes it hurts, sometimes it is hard, but in the end….. You will conquer your goal!

Coming to class is one of the best parts of my day. Hubby travels a lot for work, and we don’t have family around; so SLAM has become the treat of my day. I found my tribe with this incredible group of amazing women and SLAM sisters. Every mama has her own story, and I feel blessed we are not alone in this journey (motherhood). I can say to every mom out there, this is a group of exceptional moms – don’t be afraid to try. You will see how your life can change.