Meet Amanda O’Brien

On top of Amanda being honored with Member of the Month, we would like to give her a shout out for her duties as Playgroup Coordinator! Great job Amanda! 

For those who I haven’t met, I am Amanda O’Brien one of the “local” Stroller Strong Moms in Columbus. Growing up I never really played sports but was very active in Dance and Cheerleading. I continued teaching Dance throughout college while I was attending The University of West Georgia in Carrollton, and moved back to the Columbus area after graduating in 2007. In 2009, I married my high school sweetheart David and we had our first child, Molli, in July 2012. I remember seeing the moms at Lake Bottom while I was pregnant and kinda put it in the back of my mind to join after Molli was born. In April 2013, I finally talked myself and my sister (Lori) into trying it out. That first day was SOOOO hard I remember, and Lori and I looked at each other like “what were we thinking”. I loved it though! I hadn’t been that sore in so long and I stayed sore for months after, ha! SSM is the kick in the butt I needed to get moving again. Although I had lost all my baby weight after Molli, I was what I like to call “skinny fat”. My first summer with SSM was great, I watched myself not only change physically but I pushed myself to do things I never thought I even wanted to do. SSM had become a part of mine and Molli’s daily routine and we loved it!


I was talked into running my first half marathon in November 2012, something I never ever thought I would want to do. I had caught the running bug, and really came to enjoy the long runs with all the great mommas I have met. I found out I was expecting our second child the week of the Soldier Half, and little Averi was born in July 2014. I had to stop running and SSM while I was pregnant, and Molli and I both really missed it. When I was able to start back, I think Molli was more excited than me! Stroller Strong Moms has become a big part of our lives, and I love the positive image I am setting for my girls.