Hello!  My name is Emily Bermingham and I am a SLAMama at the DC Area affiliate. I was playing at the park with my kids when I saw some mamas SLAMMing. I thought it looked awesome and walked over and asked about the group. I decided that I would try it out and showed up the following class. I’m so glad I did because this group is such an empowering and amazing group of women that motivate and challenge me to be my best self. I feel like my fitness and health is a lifelong journey, and it’s not always easy. With SSM, there is always another mom there cheering me on and telling me I’m doing great when it is tough. Beyond helping me push my fitness limits, this group brings me a sense of sisterhood and collective community that helps me balance and navigate my chaotic life of being a working mom of two, a military wife and a motivated student. When we moved to the area last summer I didn’t know anyone and these women quickly became like family. They are my SLAM Fam, and can (and have!) relied on them when I need help.  IMG_2417
My lifelong journey to good health is important to me because good health is not something I’ve always had.  Throughout my teens and a lot of my twenties I had to use a walker and a cane, and at times a wheelchair. After a fall out of a tree when I was 10 and a surfing accident when I was 6, I have had over two dozen procedures on my spine, including some spinal fusions. I still have chronic pain everyday.

After the surfing accident, doctors kept putting me on more and pain medication, and suggesting more procedures and surgeries. Then when I was 22, I was diagnosed with lupus and fibromyalgia, I had been suffering from extreme joint pain and debilitating fatigue. This started a path with even more doctors, who had more suggestions of medication. Finally, I decided I had enough and, with the guidance of my doctor, I slowly weaned off the medications. It took me over 4 years to safely and slowly wean off the the pain medicines, nerve medications, and other medicines they had me on.  As I weaned off the pain medicines I replaced them with yoga, meditation and walking. After so many years of chronic pain and inactivity I had gained over 50 pounds and was severely overweight. My husband and I wanted children and I knew I needed to lose weight for myself and my future baby’s sake.  I changed my diet and exercise and started making healthy choices that helped me slowly lose 52 pounds over the course of a year and a half in 2012.
 Since then I have had two healthy babies, no surgeries since 2010, no pain medication since 2010, and my rheumatologist said I currently have no active autoimmune disease! In fact, I just got off the last medication, an autoimmune disease medication! My body is amazing and strong. I am proud of the journey I have been on and I know it’s a lifelong path that I have to choose to walk everyday. Now that path is a lot more fun since joining Stroller Strong Moms! SSM truly helps me push my fitness limits, everyday I am getting that much stronger.