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At Stroller Strong Moms Savannah, we are proud to offer an opportunity to Sweat Like a Mother five days a week! Or as we like to say, SLAM! Running under large oak trees covered with Spanish moss and working out in the perfetly manicured parks of the Historic District make Savannah the most enchanting place to Sweat Like A Mother. Our Savannah stroller fitness class provides our athletes with the opportunity to get outside and get sweaty, with seasoned instructors and beautiful locations throughout the city. All of our instructors hold nationally-recognized certifications, and implement their training and physical fitness backgrounds to create fun, challenging full-body workouts that are modifiable to each fitness level. Whether you are a new mom, if you have older kids, or if you are pregnant, you can come to our classes!

If you are interested in joining us, do not hesitate to come to our next class! Your first class is always free! All you need is our stroller, a set of dumbbells, a resistance band, a yoga mat, water, and toys and snacks for your kids. No stroller? No problem! Join us anyway!

Sweating Like a Mother Five Days a Week!

We love SLAM so much that we workout five days a week! Our locations vary throughout the city of Savannah, and include:

  • Forsyth Park
    • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday we meet at Forsyth Park. The park has 30 acres of palm trees, oaks, and historical landmarks. We utilize the large open fields, garden walls, park benches, 1-mile tree-lined trial, and stage.
  • J.F. Gregory Park
    • Our second location meets Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday south of Savannah in Richmond Hill at J.F. Gregory Park. This park is a wonderful SLAM location, with picnic tables, open fields, hills, stage, and even a 3-mile wooded running trail.

Our workouts are constantly varied, and we implement weight training, metabolic conditioning, core strength, resistance bands, endurance, and mobility! Each class is modifiable to the athlete’s ability, and we can even accommodate pregnant and postpartum moms. We also offer Mom’s Night Out events on a monthly basis, and regularly scheduled playgroups.

Your First Class is Always Free! Join Today and Get SLAM’n!

If you have been looking for a total-body workout that is challenging and fun, look no further than Stroller Strong Moms Savannah. We get outside in beautiful historic Savannah and take advantage of the local splendor. Who knows, you may even spot a celebrity in town while they are filming a movie! We run past the mansion and fountain at Forsyth Park, our fellow SLAMers run the Rock n’ Roll Marathon and Publix Half Marathon. Our classes push you to be better, faster, stronger, and to meet with other families in the area.

Are you ready to join Stroller Strong Moms Savannah? Now is the best time! Your first class is free! Contact us today to learn more!



Forsyth Park is everything we love about Savannah, 30 acres of palms, large oaks, and historic landmarks. And everything we love when we need good variety and sweat: Big open fields for strides and resistance stroller pushes, garden walls for step up and wallsits, park benches, a 1-mile, tree-lined trail around the park and its famous white fountain, plus a huge stage where we get creative with our S.L.A.M.

Parking & Start Location

There is plenty of parking on the side streets around the park on Hall, Gwinnett, and Huntindon Streets. You can also park in one of the two park parking lots, though the one next to Forsyth Park Cafe is closest to the playground where we meet. Start with us in the shaded grassy area next to the playground in the center of the park.


Located south of Savannah in Richmond Hill, J.F. Gregory Park is family and sweat friendly. There’s a large covered pavilion with picnic tables for pushups, a stage with steps for all kinds of stair work, grassy hills for sprints, and lovely wooded, 3-mile trail for running and more sweating!

Parking & Start Location

In the lot at the entrance of the park, you will find plenty of parking. Meet us in the grassy area next to the playground.



  • Perfect for attending class three or more times per week
  • Pregnant moms may suspend membership when baby arrives
  • You may cancel at any time with two weeks’ advance notice

10 CLASS PASS | $90

  • A great option for attending class once or twice a week
  • Expires 3 months after purchase

5 CLASS PASS | $50

  • Good for those planning to attend class once every or other week
  • Expires 2 months after purchase


  • Single drop-in rate
  • Best for attending class less than once a week


Forsyth Park

J.F. Gregory Park




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Cassie Cercy | email


Cassie Cercy is an ACE certified group fitness instructor and is CPR/First Aid certified. She has been living in Savannah since 2012 with her husband, Bryan and sons, Jaxon, Tyson, and Mason. Cassie's favorite way to sweat like a mother is through sprinting, HIIT and Tabata workouts, and while chasing around all of the littles at the playground after Stroller Strong Moms.

Tessa Jones

Lead Instructor

Tessa is an ACE certified group fitness instructor and is CPR/AED certified. She lives in Savannah with her husband, Bruce and daughter, Emerson. She has a passion for running, and loves participating in local races with her fellow Stroller Strong Moms. Tessa loves the sense of community that Stroller Strong Moms promotes — a village of determined women challenging and encouraging one another.

Lindsey Von Broembsen


Lindsey is a NETA certified group fitness instructor.  She has been living in Savannah since 2012 with her husband Stephen and children, Norah and Kellan.  Her favorite way to SLAM is weight training and running with her husband or friends.  Lindsey loves the friendly competitiveness that can be found in the SSM workouts.

Sarah Underwood


Sarah is an ACE certified group fitness instructor and is Adult and Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED certified. Sarah was an avid SLAMer for four years before joining the instructor team. She has two daughters, Alexandra and Catherine. Outside of Stroller Strong Moms, she enjoys running and is active in the local running community. Sarah looks forward to sharing her belief that it is never too late to find your inner athlete.