When I arrived in Savannah from Columbus, GA, three years ago, I hoped to bring a group of like-minded moms together, as was accomplished in Columbus the year prior. My vision was a group of moms, that would share a common goal of leading active lives and introducing their children the importance of a fit and healthy lifestyle. I also hoped the moms would become a village filled with strong women who inspire and support one another, not only in fitness, but in life.


In three years of Stroller Strong Moms Savannah, this community of moms has developed into so much more than that; something more special than I ever imagined. The camaraderie, support, guidance, kindness, energy, motivation and loyalty they share is truly unmatched. They have pushed themselves and encouraged each other to achieve goals that may have once been thought as impossible. My amazing instructor team is to thank for much of that.


The Savannah SSM instructors have worked hard to lead booty kicking classes, additionally, they have devoted time and effort into supporting and encouraging moms to be the best version of themselves. I am so thankful for Kelli, Cassie, Lindsay, Christi, Julie, Lindsey, Caroline, Meghan, and Kim who’ve each brought something unique to the program and they are truly special ladies. Since I left Savannah in May, the instructor team, lead by Cassie, continues to encourage and motivate the SSMs and I am happy to say they haven’t skipped a beat! Additionally, I am very proud, and truly honored, that Kelli and Lindsay have gone on to spread the SLAM love in DC.


It was very difficult to say goodbye to such an amazing tribe of moms (who gave me the most beautiful and touching farewell), but knowing the program was left in the care of such a great team has made it easier. Cassie has taken the reins and leads with a very big heart. Her belief in the program and all its members, her palpable love for what she does, and her ability to motivate with her encouraging and heartfelt words (cerc-piration as we like to call it) are just a few of her great leadership qualities.

cerc 3

With that being said, it is my great pleasure to announce I will be passing the torch. On November 1st, Cassie will become the new owner of Stroller Strong Moms Savannah. I am so very excited for Cassie and this opportunity while I am comforted in knowing Stroller Strong Moms will keep empowering and inspiring under Cassie’s leadership and her team of awesome instructors. I look forward to continuing to follow and cheer on SSM Savannah from afar! I have so many beautiful memories from my time as SSM Savannah owner that I will keep with me forever! You ladies truly make me proud! Keep SLAM’n!


A few words from Cassie:

It is pretty surreal that my time with Stroller Strong Moms has come full circle.  I first got involved with this amazing group in November of 2012, eight weeks after Jaxon was born.  I immediately fell in love with that intimate, little group of moms.  A month later, Alexa asked me to become an instructor and without hesitation, I jumped on board. I have seen this group grow immensely over the past three years with new faces coming in, and tearfully saying good-bye to wonderful friends along the way.  Stroller Strong Moms have been my “life group,” my rock, my very best friends, and a beat in my heart that I didn’t know I was missing. To say that I am in love with this group and the women who comprise it, is an understatement. Alexa taught me how to create butt kicking, baby giggling, team building workouts. The instructors taught (and continue to teach) me how to lead with my heart, how to bring out the best in our members, and how to LOVE working on a team full of like-minded, motivating women.


It is my honor to take on the ownership of Stroller Strong Moms Savannah and continue to promote the dream that Alexa envisioned when she created this unique workout group. The small village that embraced me back in 2012, has grown into an incredible community of selfless, humble, hard-working moms. Alexa has left me with ginormous shoes to fill, but I am so encouraged to have each and every one of you by my side as we take on this endeavor. Thank you, Alexa, for trusting me with your baby. And to our instructor team, current members, and soon to be members, thank you for continuing to stand by our side; being the ever so sturdy rock that I, and everyone else, can confidently lean on.