It has been incredible to watch Stroller Strong Moms grow in the past few years. When I first started instructing in 2014, there were only a handful of affiliates on the East Coast. Fast forward four years and I’m lucky enough to be “breaking ground” on the TWENTIETH S.L.A.M.!!

Stroller Strong Moms has really helped me define who I am as a mother. I really struggled with my identity post baby. Before having kids, I worked in gyms and trained for triathlons like crazy. An average week easily had me running, biking, and swimming for 20 hours in between teaching spin classes, bootcamps, and training clients. When I got pregnant, one of my best friends told me about Stroller Strong Moms and I’m not going to lie, I kind of scoffed at the thought. A mommy workout group? Seriously? No way that’s going to do anything. Thankfully, Bridget kept trying to convince me to come! It took me a month or two but I finally got over myself and went to class. I LOVED the workout and more than that, I couldn’t believe how friendly everyone was! By the end of class, I’m pretty sure every mom had at least told me her name and said hello.

Stroller Strong Moms really showed me I can still be that athlete I was but that I can also be fulfilled by being a mom and watching other moms grow stronger and reach goals. Achievements mean so much more when you are surrounded by other women who have similar goals and also want the best for you. One of my favorite quotes is “A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.”  I think Stroller Strong Moms embodies that without even knowing it. And that is something that makes S.L.A.M. really stand out. I am looking forward to introducing women in Tacoma to the SLAM life!

To follow our 20th SLAM spot, like Stroller Strong Moms Tacoma on Facebook and follow s.l.a.m.tacoma on Instagram! Find out more about class locations and schedules on the Stroller Strong Moms Tacoma webpage. We couldn’t be more excited about adding our 20th SLAM spot to the Pacific Northwest!