Hola! It is my great pleasure to announce the beginning of my journey as a SLAM Boss! My name is Danielle Gutierrez and I am honored to enter the ranks of some of the most incredible women I have ever met! Fitness and wellness is my passion. In college my major was Exercise Science. I continued to get my masters degree and developed the curriculum and taught a 3 credit hour Boot camp fitness class that the university continues to implement in their program. After my masters I spent a summer in Brazil helping to cardio train the Minas Gerais soccer team through spin classes in the pool. Yes that is a spin bike under the water!

When I arrived back home I landed a job teaching PE and coaching track and field for a prominent high school in my hometown of Tallahassee, FL where my passion for exercise began to translate into an opportunity to empower young people to be their best self both physically and mentally. My passion for fitness led me to Jacksonville, FL in 2010 where I taught yoga on the beach and personal trained at a private gym. I met a Navy helicopter pilot at a local running event and 2 years later we were married. I eventually went back to school to get my masters in occupational therapy after feeling as though my desire to help others might be suited for clinical health. I was able to increase my anatomy knowledge for understanding upper extremity function that enabled me to help rehabilitate ages ranging from young athletes to elderly.

The Navy has led my family on an incredible journey that has taken us to San Diego, CA, Naples, Italy, and Okinawa, Japan. When my husband received orders to Leavenworth, Kansas you can imagine that I was less than enthused. I came kicking and screaming to the Midwest, however, as soon as I met my new neighbor on base, she introduced me to Stroller Strong Leavenworth, where I met some of the strongest and most amazing women.Through the encouragement of my fellow SLAM sisters I was able to reach a goal of mine to become a 200 hour trained yoga teacher, which has allowed me to work on innovative occupational therapy/yoga sessions to produce best outcomes for patients. In the past I have struggled to find my place as a military spouse, always putting my career second to my husband’s. When my third baby was born, I found the struggle to be even more difficult. Through SLAM I have learned how to become empowered not through my career accomplishments but through my character and perseverance in the difficult rigors of military life. I found motivation through this tribe of women to attack the track and life as a military spouse/mom with the same strength and joy. I am so grateful for this community and my goal for SLAM Jacksonville is to empower moms of all stages and ages, military or not, to be their very best in order to give back to their families and community. I want to spread the love through B.A. workouts!

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