Hey Mamas! I’m Tiffany, a mama to three wonderful boys who keep me humble, on my toes, and laughing through most of the day. I’m one of the Registered Dietitians you know from the blog and live videos. I’ve probably encouraged you to drink more water and eat more veggies during one of your annual challenges.


This post is not about nutrition though. I’m happy to announce that Stroller Strong Moms is coming to Billings, Montana! We’re busy packing up our life in Fairbanks, Alaska preparing for the big move to the Lower 48. One of the things I must take with me is SLAM. It’s one of my can’t-live-withouts. I wish I could take all of my mamas from this location too; but my hubby thinks that’s a little excessive.

I started SLAM’n in Fairbanks in 2016 right when it opened. A friend told me about this workout group that you could bring your kids to. She raved about how fun it was and how great the workouts were. I’d been active for as long as I can remember –track in junior high, cross-country in high school and college, marathons, triathlons, endurance cycling, weight-lifting – I was always doing some form of exercise. It was just a normal thing to do. However, after adopting our first son, I could not find my exercise groove. There was no childcare at the gym, my husband was working long hours or out of town, and I was too exhausted to squeeze in workouts early in the morning or late at night. Maybe Stroller Strong Moms would be the answer?

I was very nervous to go since I did not become a mother in the traditional sense. I battled infertility for years before we adopted. Would these mamas accept me as a real mama? There was only one way to find out. I went to the preview classes in Fairbanks and immediately knew I had found my tribe! These mamas were so welcoming and didn’t give two hoots about my status as an adoptive mother. To them, we were all in the same boat. Battling the same battles raising small humans. And, the workouts were better than great – they were awesome! I had not had so much fun working out in years and could see that I was gaining fitness. SLAM was the perfect combo of “supportive environment” and “kick-booty workouts.”

It wasn’t too long before I became an instructor and had the opportunity to be the SLAMBoss of Fairbanks. This was the Best Job Ever. It was such an honor to take my mamas to new fitness levels and watch them flourish in an encouraging and loving community. When we decided to make the big move to the Lower 48, I knew I could not live without SLAM. Billings needs to experience this perfect match of sweat and sisterhood. I’m excited to get bring tough workouts to these mamas and watch them achieve fitness goals they didn’t even know they had!

Updates on locations and class times can be found on the webpage, Facebook, and Instagram. If you’ve got peeps in Billings, share the good news that SLAM is coming to the Magic City!