Greeting Everyone,
​My name Krystal or slamwonderwoman on instagram. Just to provide you a little about me…In high school I participated in basketball, volleyball, track and weightlifting. I would run miles just for fun. After my first pregnancy I stopped working out. I gradually got back into working out but nothing seemed to make any difference and then I got pregnant again and again and again :o). After baby boy number four I was completely uncomfortable in my own skin. Then we moved to Leavenworth and that’s where everything changed.

S.L.A.M. is life for me. I took my very first class in Leavenworth and it so happened to be a yoga class. I struggled so badly with that class I didn’t want to comeback. It really made me realize how out of shape I was. My neighbor (Brittney) and Meghan convinced me to come back just before they started the Get Fit Challenge. That was the turning point. I am secretly, or maybe not so secretly, a competitive person by nature. I started out not really pushing myself to then committing to three times a week after I started feeling more confident. Before long, I wanted to go every day and did when I could. Meghan and Laura inspired me and pushed me to keep working harder and to go faster. During my time there, I realized the moms in the tribe would continually love on one another and inspire each other. From that point on, I was hooked. I loved SLAM. After the challenge, I was the winner for losing the most weight at 24 lbs but I kept with it and loss over 40 lbs before I left Leavenworth. Meghan and Jess have engrained this mindset in me that, “it’s not about being skinny but being strong.” I continue to keep this way of thinking close to my heart.

When we found out that we would PCS to Fort Bliss, I was so bummed that there wasn’t a Stroller Strong Moms group there. I thought, that’s it, I’m on my own again. Meghan told me I should get certified and start a SLAM El Paso. At the time, I didn’t think I could and I lacked the confidence. Once we arrived in El Paso, as luck would have it, we were in a hotel and my boys noticed a mom wearing a SLAM tank. My boys of course hounded her and that’s when I met Christi. Christi told me how her friend, Jess, was also moving to El Paso and maybe we could get her to start a SLAM. The day I found out that Jess was going to open Stroller Strong Moms El Paso I was overwhelmed with excitement. I showed up every day because I had my SLAM life back! I could start building my El Paso SLAMily. The day Jess asked if I wanted to join the instructor team was one of the best days of my life. I immediately started studying and prepping for my certification. I was nervous because even though I had the confidence of Meghan and Jess, I didn’t know if I would be good enough. Would I be able to inspire and motivate these Mamas the way I have been motivated and inspired by all of them?

There is no doubt I am a SLAM addict. I love instructing and working right alongside my SLAMily. I get so pumped for class and sometimes, I admit, my energy is a little much. Then I got pregnant with baby boy number five. From the time these El Paso Mamas found out I was pregnant they have showered me with love that I couldn’t even imagine. Why me? I felt so blessed.

When Alexa called me, I thought she was going to tell me that one of the Mamas I nominated won the BOB. I nominated several Mamas because every day they bring such a spirit with them that pushes me to be a better person, instructor, and mom. These Mamas inspire and motivate me every day. When she said I won….. I broke down in tears. I couldn’t believe it. I know these Mamas here always say they love me and my workouts but you never really know the impact you are making on someone and this was the moment I realized that I am making a difference. I am giving them the inspiration, motivation, and love that I have received from S.L.A.M. since Leavenworth. The only things I hoped to be able to do for all moms, I was doing it. Besides winning the BOB, which means the world to me, getting those heartfelt nominations means even more. I am truly blessed more than I could ever imagine and I am sooo grateful. Thank you “all” for continuing to motivate and inspire me daily. My only hope is that I can pay it back tenfold.