Vicenza, Italy

La Dolce Vita!

Where We SLAM

Teen Center Building 373

Inside location: Teen Center Building 373

Monday, Wednesday and Friday 09:30 -10:30 AM (Offering 11:00-12:00 class during covid if needed to keep numbers down) 

Questions? Contact Stephanie at

Ederle Base Track

Outside location: Ederle base track, via Barnaba Pizzardi 185, 36100- Vicenza.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday 09:30 -10:30 AM (Offering 11:00-12:00 class during covid if needed to keep numbers down)   Questions? Contact Stephanie at

Ederle Base Track

SKIES, Ederle Base Building 308


Stephanie Noland  |

Steffi is a proud Army wife and mother of four-year-old twins. She started and co-owned Stroller Strong Moms Fort Drum in New York and has a bachelor’s degree in business administration. She is also an ACE certified group fitness instructor. After having twins, she struggled with not being able to work and when she moved to Leavenworth, KS, she became a member of Stroller Strong Moms Leavenworth in 2017. This amazing group of ladies changed her life. The support among all mothers was amazing and she reached in that year fitness levels she never thought were possible. When she moved to Fort Drum, she found a like-minded SLAM sister and was excited to start Stroller Strong Moms Fort Drum with her. Both brought to Fort Drum the same sense of community and camaraderie they were able to experience. Steffi is hoping to bring the same to Vicenza. She is offering great workouts, but also a support system for moms, women and athletes of all fitness levels. Children love SLAM because they can make friends easily and watch their moms as role models for a healthy, fit lifestyle. Steffi’s favorite ways to slam are high-intensity workouts and group exercises.


I cannot recommend Steffi and her classes enough! Steffi is one of the most positive and supportive instructors I have ever learned from, she is patient and so helpful when teaching. She offers some really challenging workouts, but was always there to help me modify or adjust to my ability so I could still get a really good workout in. She is a great motivator and has always been so kind, and she was always so sweet with my kids when they would get antsy during classes! She will challenge you but help you reach your goals, all with such great energy and attitude. Steffi is an amazing instructor!

Rita M.

I had my first exposure to Stroller Strong Moms with the virtual challenge this Fall and I am hooked! I looked forward to every workout! The support I felt through our online mamas kept me so motivated and has me excited for SLAM Fort Drum to open this March!! Steffi and Laura are awesome and so much fun! These SLAM’ing mamas bring experience from different affiliate locations and I can’t wait to be a part of their tribe! 

Jaime M.

Stroller Strong Moms will change your life for the better. Not only will you succeed in finding your new fitness level, but you will also find your tribe for life.
SLAM makes Working out so fun and with Steffi as your instructor you will feel motivated, encouraged and so loved and you won’t even contemplate once not going to class. SLAM will be addicting.
Astrid W.

You will be so happy that you joined Stroller Strong Moms, no matter what your fitness level, it will challenge you and change you to become a stronger, fitter version of yourself. SLAM offers some amazing and creative workouts that are not only going to kick your booty but you will have so much fun doing it! This class and these mamas will feel like a 2nd family! This group offers so so much more than fitness, it is friendship, encouragement, and loads of laughter all rolled into one.
The certified and knowledgeable instructors (Steffi and Laura) are passionate about fitness and lifting each other up! They will push you past your comfort level and you will come out on the other side, amazed at what you have accomplished!

These ladies will inspire you, motivate you and literally will change your life. Your first class is free, so there’s no reason not to give it a shot. The price for all that is offered with SSM is a bargain!!! There’s playgroup, birthday parties, mom’s night out, races and more! Join the SLAMfam and watch your fitness explode, yours and your children’s friendships to blossom! You will be so so glad you did!!

Meghan A.