Do You Miss the SLAM life?

Have you always wanted to be a part of Stroller Strong Moms but don’t live near an affiliate?

Have you moved away to a city with no SLAM? Do you wish you could SLAM year round?

Well, guess what? We’ve got you!

Virtual SLAM is coming to your living room YEAR ROUND with four 10-week sessions per year with 2-3 week resets between each session

When is your next Virtual SLAM?

October 7th, 2019

Our next Virtual SLAM starts October 7th, 2019!  This 10 week fitness and accountability program will create a stronger YOU!

What is Virtual SLAM?

Virtual SLAM Includes:

  • 3 LIVE virtual workouts every week from Virtual SLAM Boss, Erin Divinski, and founder of Stroller Strong Moms, Alexa Smith.
  • Regular Prehab Videos including topics such as pelvic floor health, mobility, dynamic warmup, myofascial release, etc.
  • Form Video Library with corresponding workouts to practice your new moves.
  • Track Attack Workout Library to add to your weekly routine to get faster and maximize your running gains.
  • SLAM Video Library of demonstrated and prescribed workouts.
  • Nutrition Tips Library PLUS Recipes from our in house Registered Dietitians.
  • 2 LIVE Yoga sessions from Bikram and Power Vinyasa Yogi, Bridget Hall
  • Closed Facebook group for live workouts, accountability, encouragement, goal sharing, recipes and more. This is your SLAM community.

*PLEASE NOTE: The LIVE workouts will save in the private Facebook group for you to use whenever is convenient for you.*

What’s the cost?

The Virtual SLAM cost is just $97 per 10 week session.

Who is your Virtual SLAM Boss?

Erin Divinski

You guys, I am so excited to dive into Virtual SLAM! I started SLAMing when my almost 6 year old daughter was only 5 weeks old and I have never looked back. I started instructing on our second stint in Columbus, Georgia, about 3 years ago, and now teach at SSM Leavenworth. Stroller Strong Moms has literally changed my life. I seriously don’t know how people do life without it. I was a gymnast until I graduated highschool but I will tell you Stroller Strong Moms got me in the best shape of my life. There is something about being encouraged and pushed by moms surrounding you that makes you WORK and SWEAT harder than you would on your own. That is what makes SLAM SO special; you come for the workouts, you stay for the community. Get ready to try some handstands, do lots of burpees, lift heavier weights, learn correct form and have a ton of fun!

Who Can Sweat?

Anyone who wants to Sweat Like a Mother!

Are you living near a Stroller Strong Moms affiliate location? Please email us before you sign up!

To find out more about us and follow the latest happenings with our premier workout group for moms in all stages of motherhood, check us out on Facebook and Instagram!

Our Instructors


Erin is an ACE certified group fitness instructor, a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer and is CPR/First Aid certified. She has been a part of SLAM since 2013, started instructing with SLAM Columbus in 2016, joined the SLAM Leavenworth instructor team in 2018 and has been leading Virtual SLAM since March 2018. Erin is a mom to one little girl and one little boy who have luckily always loved riding in their BOB. Gymnastics is responsible for Erin’s fitness foundation and her favorite ways to sweat are doing handstands, burpees, lifting heavier weights and running!


Alexa holds a Pregnancy and Postpartum Athleticism Certificate and has a master’s degree in Health and Physical Education. She been an ACE certified group fitness instructor since 2011. She is CPR/AED certified through AHA and holds a Sports Conditioning Specialty Certification. Alexa created Stroller Strong Moms in Columbus, GA in 2011 and it has since grown to so many new cities. She founded Columbus, Savannah and Monterey, but currently resides in Sanford, NC with her husband, Tony, and three children, Destry, Velzy and Zoya. She is so excited to help lead virtual workouts! Her favorite ways to SLAM are to swim, HIIT, run, snowboard, and sweat alongside all her fellow #SLAMsisters at class of course!


I am a full-time working momma and it’s often hard to find the time to get in a good workout. The virtual stroller strong mom group is amazing. If you think you can’t be motivated through a screen, think again! Not only were the instructors motivating, but this mom tribe is SO supportive. Everyone keeps it real and also lifts each other up. You’ll have a whole new group of friends. The workouts are challenging and you can do it during nap time, before you go to work, ANYTIME. I recommend this to all my mom friends who are looking for a boost in fitness



Loved it! I need that extra accountability to keep me honest and on track. I love the variability of the workouts and the live workouts with the written instructions allow you to either follow along or do the workouts at your own pace/in your own time. I think it’s as close as a working mom can get to having the ‘real’ thing!


The virtual challenge was absolutely amazing. With my work schedule and kids activities I usually have to fit workouts in at 4 am and after 8 pm. I know this may sound shocking but I can’t seem to convince anyone to do them with me! The virtual challenge was like getting to work out with a friend whenever and wherever I was. Erin and Janet have such positive energetic and made me really look forward to each workout. The nutrition and yoga segments were also amazing and really made it a great way to get back on track.


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There’s only one way to sweat…
like a mother.