West Lafayette, IN


Where We SLAM

Cumberland Park

Cumberland Park

3101 N Salisbury St, West Lafayette, IN 47906

Monday – Friday | 9:30 – 10:30 AM

Parking & Meeting Location

Parking and start location are located near the basketball courts.

Questions? Contact Sabrina Bowers.

Cumberland Park


Sabrina Bowers | slamwlafayette@strollerstrongmoms.com

Sabrina is a certified personal trainer and has a CPR certification through the American Red Cross. She started individual personal training in 2011 and group fitness classes in 2012. She is an Army spouse, a mother of two girls, and first started taking SLAM classes in 2018 at Fort Hood, TX. Sabrina’s second daughter, Maryanne, was born in September of 2018 and she was looking for a community of other moms that she could not only work out with, but could also lean on. Sabrina was hooked on SLAM after her first class and realized she found her second family. When she found out she was moving, she knew she didn’t want to lose that sense of belonging and knew she had to share this with other moms.