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Your First Class is Complimentary

Stroller Strong Moms Wheaton

Get a Full-Body, Fun Workout with Your Kids!

At Stroller Strong Moms Wheaton, we take pride in providing fun, full-body workouts that encompass numerous aspects of exercise, including dumbbells, plyometrics, endurance, and mobility. We meet multiple times a week to Sweat Like a Mother, or as we say – SLAM! Every class is varied, so there is always a new, exciting workout to try. Our instructors are fully certified with the American Council on Exercise and hold current CPR and first aid training.

Unlike other programs, our Wheaton stroller fitness class lets you bring your child to class with you! We believe that showing our children that our bodies are strong and capable can encourage lifelong fitness and a healthy relationship with exercise.

Come join like-minded mamas and get ready to SLAM! Your first class is always free!

SLAM in Western Chicago

Stroller Strong Moms meets three times during the week at Northside Park in Wheaton. Northside Park is conveniently located in DuPage County and close to various neighborhoods in western Chicago. With a playground, sledding hill, fitness courts, running paths, and waterfront views, there is always something new to do and see during class.

When you come to our Wheaton stroller fitness class, all you need to bring is:

  • One set of dumbbells
  • Your stroller
  • Water
  • Snacks and toys for the kids
  • Yoga mat

Even if you do not have a stroller, or if you have older age kids or if you are pregnant, you can still join! We are a multi-level class and can accommodate all mothers and athletic types!

Ready to Get Started? Come Join Stroller Strong Moms Wheaton for a Free Class!

With regularly scheduled playgroups, Mom’s Night Out events, and a group of fun, motivated women, Stroller Strong Moms Wheaton may just be your tribe. Contact us today to get started and to sign up for a free stroller fitness class!

Stroller Strong Moms | 9:00-10:00AM

Located on the North side of Wheaton, Northside Park  has everything we need for a killer S.L.A.M. session: a huge sledding hill with endless possibilies, open spaces for sprints and strength work, paths to get those strollers moving, picnic tables for step ups and dips, tennis & basketball courts for wet days, and an awesome playground for playgroups after class!

Parking & Start Location

There are several parking lots within the park near our location. Look for us in the open field next to the tennis courts to begin class. (hint: Take the round-a-bout 3/4 around, there is a small parking lot next to the tennis courts.)

Come S.L.A.M. with us today!

Starting November 19th Classes are moving INSIDE. We’ll be in the gym at Wheaton Montessori School!




  • Perfect for attending class two or more times per week
  • Pregnant moms may suspend membership when baby arrives
  • You may cancel at any time with two weeks’ advance notice

10 CLASS PASS | $95

  • A great option for attending class once a week
  • Expires 3 months after purchase

5 CLASS PASS | $55

  • Good for those planning to attend class once every week or every other week
  • Expires 2 months after purchase


  • Single drop-in rate
  • Best for attending class less than once a week

Northside Park

S.L.A.M. with us!

January Events

4th- Yoga & Playgroup

11th- No class! Workout posted!

14th- “Frozen” themed class & playgroup

26th-Mom’s Night Out

31st- No Class! Workout posted! 

Your First Class is Complimentary


Casie Bucci | email

Owner | Instructor

Casie is a mother, wife and S.L.A.M.er for life. She is an ACE certified group fitness instructor and CPR/AED certified through AHA.

Stroller Strong Moms changed her life in 2015. While her family was stationed at Fort Benning, GA, Casie was hooked after her first S.L.A.M. session. As a new mom, this group was exactly what she needed. She found the challenging workouts, positive vibe, and encouraging mama tribe made her a better athlete, mother, and wife. 

Casie led two 8-week long Virtual S.L.A.M. challenges and is now super excited to bring Stroller Strong Moms to Wheaton – in real life! She is determined to grow a SLAMazing village in the western suburbs and hopes that other women will be inspired by Stroller Strong Moms like she was.

Casie’s favorite ways to sweat include running (from sprints to marathons), HIIT training (High Intensity Interval Training), and boxing-inspired S.L.A.M. sessions.

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Your First Class is Complimentary