… You Bring It With You When You Go.

I am Sabrina Bowers, former police officer turned SLAM enthusiast. I left my Job as a police officer in 2016 as I started my journey as an Army spouse with my husband Patrick in Fort Hood, TX. We have two amazing girls, Alina and Maryanne.

I had my second child, Maryanne, in September of 2018. After my pregnancy, I was uncomfortable with my body as most new moms are. I felt the pressure to “bounce” back, especially since I was a personal trainer. After my daughter was six weeks old, I went back to teach fitness classes again but I was so uncomfortable with where I was physically that I made the decision to not go back to personal training right away. I was my own worst critic. I felt like I would never be able to balance being a mom of two girls and somehow make it to the gym and focus on myself.

Because of this, I was in dire need of finding a community of moms to connect with. I searched through a ton of different groups, but struggled to find moms who I could relate to. I was working at a local gym when a die-hard SLAM member told me about this amazing group of moms. Liz was enthusiastic and quite convincing, and it was no surprise that I was hooked shortly after I attended my first SLAM class. I immediately called my husband after class and told him that I would be signing up!

At my first class, Amanda, the Stroller Strong Moms affiliate owner of Fort Hood, not only made me feel welcome but noticed that I was struggling with a crying newborn. Amanda and all the other moms lent a helping hand while I was able to successfully get a full workout in. I finally felt like I could breathe again. It took weeks for my daughter to get used to the classes, but during that time I knew I would have the support I needed from all of the moms in the class.

I had never seen so many women supporting each other and cheering each other on. These moms were not only working side by side, but rooting for each other in the process. The success of every mom was a success for every mom! I wanted to be a part of this, so I continued to join the workouts, stay for the play groups and attend the moms’ night out. I really fell in love with the group as a whole and realized that the social events were just as important as the physical.

I knew with the reality of military life that we would move soon, but I wasn’t ready to give up this community. Not only do I need this group of moms to keep my sanity as a mother, I want other moms to have a group of strong women who support each other through motherhood and life. SLAM is now a way of life for me and I can’t wait to help others become part of the SLAMILY in West Lafayette, Indiana.